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Introduction Empty Introduction

Post by Benfree Mon May 02, 2011 1:05 pm

SP aspect and general information:

With Fire and Sword (http://forums.taleworlds.com/index.php/board,214.0.html) is a stand alone expansion for Warband based on the historical novel of the same name. Produced by Sich studios and Taleworlds, published by Paradox Interactive (in Europe). More info will be added to this forum as soon as it is accessible, and I can be bothered to write it.
MP aspect:

There's is now a mode called, Captain Team Death-match it runs like a normal TDM, but you each
player controls a compliment of bots - supposed to add more strategic depth. There doesn't appear to be duel mode;however, which should make randomers fun - they'll have grenades and firearms.

Looking at gameplay footage, there's some damm cool outfits, and some nice new weapons (This site has cool pics) - I see a rapier! Firearms are added, and grenades and from watching gameplay footage - they've improved firearm animations.

List of SP factions, which are almost defintly the MP factions as well:
1) Crimean Khanate
2) The Kingdom of Sweden
3) The Tsardom of Moscow
4) Polish Republic
5) Cossack Hetmanate
Click for more info

If you dislike Fire and Sword for whatever reason, feel free to comment and explain why - but please ensure you give a reason. Posts attacking the game (Fire and Sword) without any explanation may be removed.

Please don't post here, if you have a question start a new topic.

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